How travel became the new designer bag

How travel became the new designer bag

The latest article by Annie Fitzsimmons explores how travel's meteoric rise is having a profound effect on the way people live and work;

“The impacts of this shift are far-reaching, well beyond the boom in the travel industry. (According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the global travel and tourism sector grew at 3.9 percent in 2018, capping off many years of continuous growth.) Not only do we spend our money on travel, but the desire for travel also impacts how we make money. Job seekers are asking for more time off as a negotiation tactic, and more companies are offering unlimited time off or flexibility in working remote

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ILTM's Simon Mayle, who is quoted in the article, agrees...

Our View

"Travel is more accessible than ever, and transformational experiences are driving people to question their sense of values: 'What do I stand for in this world? Do I want to just think about myself?' Travel is the way that people answer these questions now and that is why we're seeing year after year of growth in the luxury travel economy and that is why we will continue to see the most innovation around activities and around deep immersive experiences.”

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