Decoding the Luxury Travel Consumer’s Mindset – a Global View

Decoding the Luxury Travel Consumer’s Mindset – a Global View

Over the past three years, global travel has been challenged by a succession of exceptional circumstances, and the luxury travel industry has had to show tenacity and resourcefulness to ride out this uncertain period. And while many of these issues are likely to be with us for some time, there is now cause for real optimism as we move into a new era of luxury travel.

To help understand what trend’s are growing, what’s staying and what’s slowing, ILTM and American Express Travel commissioned their own proprietary research from the affluent research specialist, Altiant, to get to the reality of the luxury travel consumer’s mindset today.

This global edition of ‘Buzz vs Reality’ is a unique and comprehensive representation of what luxury global travel looks like today; packed full of insights and trends that reflect luxury travel behaviours across the globe – helping you understand your customers’ needs now, and in the year ahead.

Download your copy of A Global View: Decoding the luxury travel consumer’s mindset.

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