Report: The Asian Luxury Traveller 2016

Report: The Asian Luxury Traveller 2016

Most large consumer-facing companies realise that they will need China to power their growth in the next decade. But to keep pace, these companies will also need to understand the economic, societal, and demographic changes shaping the profiles of consumers and the way they spend. This is no easy task, not only because of the fast pace of growth and subsequent changes in the Chinese way of life, but also because of the vast economic and demographic differences across the country.

Experiencing Luxury – The Asian Traveler in 2016 is an Agility Research report created for and released at ILTM Asia 2016. Focusing on the behavioural patterns of luxury travellers from 8 Asian markets; China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, the report explores the outlook for luxury travel in 2016, what shores the Asian luxury travellers are heading for, and what’s on the top of their wishlist.

The research looks at…

  1. Travel frequency
  2. Wallet share by category
  3. Preferred destinations
  4. Preferred travel experiences
  5. Motivations behind destination choice
  6. Favourite airlines, hotels and cruise lines

So for a comprehensive profile of these lucrative consumers, how they book their travel, what media are influential in the process, and their path to purchase, download the report now.

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