10 things you need to know about virtual reality

10 things you need to know about virtual reality

Virtual Reality is getting a load of air time and as with any new technology, there’s a lot of confusion as to what it is and how best to use it. At ILTM, we have teamed up with Everywherebrand, our creative partners, who have been pioneering this for some while and picked their brains on everything you might want to ask.

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  1. What is it?
  2. How can i watch it?
  3. Why should i be interested?
  4. How and where do i start?
  5. Who else is doing it?

We will be launching a Pilot offer in the next few months to allow you to share the technology more widely at each ILTM event around the globe. We will be creating a beautiful virtual lounge to view your content in a perfectly
controlled environment.

To express your interest in VR broadcasting sponsorship opportunities at ILTM shows contact Andy.Ventris@reedexpo.co.uk for more information.

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