REPORT: The Great Rebranding of an Industry

REPORT: The Great Rebranding of an Industry

As it moves further into the new millennia, the luxury travel industry finds itself facing major challenges. The days of every average Joe calling up their travel advisor each time they needed to book a flight have come and gone, and today’s travellers are smarter, more demanding, and more empowered. But as vacationers became adventurers, this did not signal the end of the travel advisor as we knew them, rather we find ourselves at the start of an exciting new era.

Bright Young Things is an event series for smart young agents in London and New York. Facilitated by ILTM’s range of experts, 40+ up and coming young travel advisors are asked the following questions:

  1. How do we dispel the myths about luxury travel agents in order to convince a generation of people who are used to booking travel at the click of a button?
  2. How do we authentically showcase that only luxury travel experts can provide the insider, transformative experiences of a lifetime?
  3. How do we increase awareness of our expertise, on-the-ground experience, hard-fought skills and customized services in order to come together to win back market share?

The answers they gave are collected here in this special report; Bright Young Things – The Great Rebranding of an Industry. Download now to discover the simple steps we can take together as a community to stay relevant in this ever-changing industry. As in life, sometimes all it takes is a face-lift and a new outlook!


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