Announcing The ILTM World Tour

Announcing The ILTM World Tour

With our industry in disarray and disruption being the calling card of 2020, ILTM Cannes was going to be the well-deserved boost we all needed, but despite our best efforts to make a face-to-face event happen this year and as great as our disappointment is, our responsibility for the safety of our guests is much greater.

The Exciting Part…

Nothing will ever replace meeting face-to-face and we didn’t feel we would do ILTM justice by simply offering an online alternative, which is why instead we’ve decided to do something different.

So, we would like to announce and invite you to the ILTM World Tour.

3 days a week for 3 weeks across 3 global regions:

  • Starting with sunrise in Asia Pacific(17/18/19 November)
  • Moving north to Europe, Middle East and Africa(23/24/25 November)
  • Crossing the Atlantic to the Americas (North & South)(1/2/3 December)

Events will happen in the buyer’s regional time-zones, and what’s more, suppliers can attend one week, two weeks or all three, giving them the opportunity to meet and discover new source markets, plus the flexibility to design an appointment diary that reflects their strategy for 2021.

With the opportunity to reach out to new markets across the world, the ILTM World Tour will be a global celebration of our industry with an emphasis on preparing you for the recovery.

It will allow buyers from these regions to have the opportunity to meet with suppliers from across the world and explore new markets.

We are creating short days, the ability to create your own bespoke schedule, and spreading the meetings out over 3 weeks, allowing you to schedule a large number of meetings around your daily workload.

Here is a snapshot of how our tour will go:

Week 1 APAC: Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 November 2020

The first leg of our journey offers a wealth of value and will kick the tour off in style. Developing relationships in this key region of growth is vital to luxury suppliers, and with the ILTM World Tour, it’s now right in reach.

Week 2 EMEA: Monday 23, Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 November 2020

This culturally diverse region offers Europe’s big spenders alongside the wealth of the Middle East and Africa. Ideal for those looking to make waves in a growing and receptive market.

Week 3: AMERICAS Tuesday 01, Wednesday 02 and Thursday 03 December 2020

Containing the world’s largest economy and bursting with opportunities and new discoveries.

One-to-one meetings are the heart of the ILTM World Tour and your journey with us will feature:

  • The ability to build your personalised user profile via your unique login details
  • Private and direct access to your company’s diary to arrange 15-min meetings
  • Visibility of your company’s tailored profile in the online Exhibitor Directory (for suppliers)
  • Unlimited access to exclusive content during the tour and beyond

This tour will be unlike your average online backup plan. Instead, the ILTM World Tour will be about reconnecting in readiness for the future.

We’re sad not to see you in person this year, but in the meantime, we’d love to have you travelling the world with us. Contact the sales team and join us on the ultimate ILTM World Tour.


  1. Evelyne Gebrim says:

    ILTM is the very best no matter where it happens, no matter how it happens. Congrats to the team and lets start to work, to learn, to live. We are bigger than this! We will go over it!

  2. Paula Dunlap says:

    Sad not to be in Cannes with our friends in the industry, but fantastic on the virtual world tour! Looking forward to it!

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