Travel’s Bright Future: A Report from the Travel + Leisure & ILTM Rising Stars Roundtable

Travel’s Bright Future: A Report from the Travel + Leisure & ILTM Rising Stars Roundtable

In the Digital Age, where the technologies in circulation seem limitless, the role of the travel agent can seem obsolete. Yet, in the luxury travel market, travel agencies are booming with 40% of all luxury trips being booked via an agent.

These agents are the travel industry insiders. They know how to stay relevant and gain a fresh perspective on the new breed of travellers. So how do we find out what’s on their minds? We hold a lunch!

A select group of emerging travel advisors is chosen to attend the Rising Stars Lunch with Travel + Leisure at ILTM in Cannes, handpicked for their impressive clientele of affluent young travellers.

In this report, we explore their insights into the evolving luxury market. Consider this your roadmap on:

  • Buzzwords: authentic and transformational
  • Geo-politics and its influence
  • Bridging the generational divide
  • Social awareness and consciousness
  • Preparing for future challenges in travel

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  1. Tianbai Chen says:

    Could you send me your report to my Email please! I am the Magic Travel from the china company, responsible for soth pole and north pole rote, I want to learn your report and do some research.

    Best regards.

    Tianbai Chen

    • Jodie Symonds says:

      Hi Tianbai,

      Thank you very much for your comment. You can access the report but filling in our quick form on this page. Fill in your details and hit download to immediately receive your copy of the report.

      Best regards,

      The ILTM Team

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