Free Report: Travel’s Biggest Opportunity

Free Report: Travel’s Biggest Opportunity

To mark the ILTM Year of Health and Wellness, we’ve teamed up with Altiant to bring you a unique piece of research solely focused on affluent and HNW individuals’ views on the latest big travel trend.

Meryam Schneider, VP of Partnerships at Altiant AB, said, “It will come as no surprise to the luxury industries that affluent and high net worth consumers have adopted new lifestyle habits in recent years. Whether we are looking at the beauty industry, athleisure fashion or the luxury travel world, the conclusion is crystal clear: Physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing are now guiding some of the key purchasing decisions of the wealthy.”

Covering the US, UK, China and France, this research will give you tangible insights into how your future marketing and business development strategies could unfold. Find out how you can seize this burgeoning opportunity by downloading the report here:

Download your free wellness report here

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