Global Heatmap: APAC luxury travellers’ appetite to get back travelling

Global Heatmap: APAC luxury travellers’ appetite to get back travelling

With ILTM Asia Pacific Virtual opening in just a few weeks, we decided to share the first snippet from our exclusive ILTM x Altiant research* into the changing mindset of the luxury traveller, their intentions going forward and the expanded role of the travel agent.

High levels of trust towards taking the vaccine and covid passports amongst wealthy travellers

The use of Covid ‘passports’, which enable people to show their vaccination status, has seen much discussion. We know there is much debate and many opinions on this, and we have no political opinion either way. However, our research shows that across all countries in APAC, approval rates to carrying a covid passport surpass 80%, and fewer than one in five are opposed to carrying them.

For some hotels, this could mean showing these passports on check-in to lower risk factors and to encourage future visitors that their Covid protocols are comprehensive. Ongoing testing may be another option as just under half of respondents say they would be willing to take a test every 48 hours while travelling domestically and internationally. These findings point towards a responsible and conscientious affluent traveller, many of whom are looking to protect themselves and others.

What does this mean for the future of luxury travel and for travel agents?

Despite the many challenges facing the luxury travel industry, there are clear grounds for optimism that many travellers accept the necessary bureaucracy required to travel safely, at least in the short term.

Travel agents play a key role here. At ILTM Asia Pacific Virtual, we will be exploring the growing importance of travel agents and the expanding expectations that travellers have of them.

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