A New World for Luxury Travel and Travel Advisors

A New World for Luxury Travel and Travel Advisors

The pandemic has led many people, including wealthy individuals, to re-evaluate how they spend their lives as well as time and money. Our previous expectations of unrestricted travel and recent inability to do so freely, have meant that there is now considerable pent-up demand as people look to get back out into the world.

It’s in this context that ILTM, in collaboration with Altiant, brings this unique research to your attention. We believe that with such fundamental changes to habits and sentiment, it is even more important to now understand luxury travellers’ wants and needs.

We believe that this research collected from the exclusive opinions of wealthy travellers and their travel agents across the APAC region, will give your business up-to-date tools and insights to help support and navigate this new travel landscape.

We hope you find the report valuable.

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