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Free Report: Engaging the Asia Pacific Millionaire Traveller

Free Report: Engaging the Asia Pacific Millionaire Traveller

Asia Pacific has retained its position as the region with the largest HNWI population globally. Naturally, luxury brands, and particularly luxury travel brands, are eager to tap into the growing purchasing power of Asia Pacific’s millionaires. Understanding the consumer and their changing behaviour is key to this, which is why we’ve partnered with Agility Research & Strategy to uncover critical insights.

Through interviews with close to 3,000 affluent respondents across China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, our latest report will explore:

  • Perceiving luxury and necessity
  • Destinations on the horizon
  • Travel behaviours and demand
  • Brand expectations
  • Future trends

Discover what the above means for your brand by downloading the report below.

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Free Report: Engaging the Asian Millionaire Traveller

Free Report: Engaging the Asian Millionaire Traveller

The Asia Pacific is a luxury consumer powerhouse, with the number of HNWIs growing year on year. Yet to capture this market, a deep understanding of the unique values of each Asian country is fundamental. How often do China’s HNWI consumers travel? Where are Singapore’s HNWI consumers travelling to? What are Hong Kong’s HNWI consumers doing whilst abroad?

In order to answer: What do they expect from luxury brands? What are their travel spending budgets? What platforms do they use to gain travel information? Amrita Banta, Managing Director of Agility Research & Strategy will share insights from interviews with over 300 millionaires in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Focusing on their luxury and travel habits and preferences, the following will be revealed:

  1. Spending / outlook for travel
  2. Luxury brand expectations
  3. Key destinations
  4. Key activities
  5. Sources of influence

Amrita Banta is an Asia Pacific luxury expert and regular guest at ILTM Asia. For more information, please visit